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Collective Bargaining Settlements: CLRC maintains the largest and most reliable union wage, fringe benefits and contract terms databases in the construction industry in the United States. Data are categorized by geographic region, city, craft, year, and other useful factors. Subscribe to our publications or request customized reports for your unique situation.(Settlements Report)
CLRC sets the industry standard when it comes to union wage and fringe benefits data.

Market Share Analysis: Contractors, associations, owners, unions, and labor-management groups increasingly are seeing the necessity of understanding their market share. Measuring market share trends using an experienced, objective third party such as CLRC helps labor and management understand the effectiveness of their current business practices. (CLRC Market Share Study Sample)
We have extensive experience conducting national, regional, and local market share research on a variety of crafts.

Union/Nonunion Wage & Fringe Benefits Comparison: Many groups want to see a comparison of union to nonunion wages and fringe benefits. An evaluation of the total pay package is very helpful for both management and labor to provide a common understanding of the total package compensation situation in their area. (CLRC Union-Nonunion Wage and Fringe Benefits Comparison)
CLRC has developed a methodology which provides a clear, concise evaluation of union and nonunion total packages, including geographic and craft specific data cuts.

Collective Bargaining Support: Busy association executives, contractors, and owners often do not have the time or expertise to adequately prepare for collective bargaining. The outcome is unsatisfactory results, often with greater costs than desired.
CLRC can provide high impact, ready-to-use negotiating information, including custom charts, cost analyses, economic information, benchmark comparisons, and explanations to use in collective bargaining.

Contract Language Cost Analysis: What will be the financial impact of proposed changes to contract language? It is critical to understand the possible ramifications of language changes before finalizing any agreement.(CLRC Contract Costing)
Our objective analysis of non-wage monetary contract language changes will help you clarify your negotiating strategy.

Survey Development, Administration and Research: We have developed and/or administered numerous surveys covering topics as diverse as union wage and fringe benefits rates, safety, employee compensation, materials costs, engineering backlog, employee performance, 360-degree feedback, program evaluation, and more.
CLRC can support you in any step of the process, including survey development, strategy, administration, and/or analysis and follow-up.

Workforce/Labor Analysis and Projections: Understanding local, regional and even national labor supply and demand characteristics is important for proactive association executives, contractors, owners and others preparing for upcoming projects or bids.
CLRC has extensive experience conducting workforce planning research, including projecting future needs.

Custom Research: What is your particular research need? Contact CLRC to discuss. We have conducted a wide variety of research projects, from strategy development through final statistical analysis and reporting.
We can work with you through any stage of your research needs.

International Construction Costs: CLRC conducts international procurement and materials cost surveys for companies in the oil, gas, and petro-chemical industry.
This cost survey expertise can be applied to cost surveys or similar products that you may need.